Setting a money goal? Here’s how…

by Kendall SummerHawk | December 18, 2020 | Coach Training

Setting a money goal? Here’s how…

The first step to creating your own money revolution is getting real about your money goals.

Because what you focus on expands…

Because your money goal is declaring that you’re ready to own your worth…

Because you won’t achieve it if you don’t claim it.

And because you were not born to live a small life.

First step?

Give yourself permission to want to build wealth.

It’s not greedy — it’s saying yes to fulfilling your potential.

It’s saying yes to living life fully owning your worth in the world.

And it’s saying ‘no thank you’ to struggle.

Next step?

Claim your number, girlfriend.

What is that monthly number that makes your heart race a bit with excitement?

If you’re not sure, then a great place to start is with a number that at a minimum, is 3x over all of your monthly expenses (personal + business).

If you’re already making that consistently then 5x those expenses and claim that number as your monthly money goal.

You have to decide first that you want it, then start seeking the how-to answers.

Next step…

Read these words out loud:

“I am worthy of earning that much money. I’m smart enough, I’m determined and I’m unstoppable. I’m willing to let go of anything that isn’t in alignment with me achieving this monthly wealth goal. This and so much more is possible for me.”

And finally, here’s how you’re going to be in relationship with your money goal:

You’re going to keep reaching for it no matter what, because success isn’t a straight line, it’s a zig-zag that still moves you forward throughout the year.

You’re going to celebrate incremental progress, because you want to feel worthy and proud every step of the way.

And you’re going to get into community and conversation with other women who are on the same path, because “normalizing up to” your goal will get you there faster and easier than isolating ever will.

Holding you as powerful,

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2021 is your year to create your money revolution!

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Setting a money goal? Here’s how…