My prediction for you…

by Kendall SummerHawk | December 29, 2020 | Coach Training

My prediction for you…

2021 is going to be your money-making year.

The year where you start pulling in $10k+ months coaching, and keep elevating up from there.

The year where you launch a coaching group and love the leverage it gives you to grow and scale.

The year where you start setting goals like a badass coach who owns her worth.

And the year where you start generating more cash from coaching than you ever have before.

Let’s get 2021 off to a powerful start!

It starts with joining me in The Money Breakthrough Business Coach™ Certification Training (MBBC).

What’s waiting for you inside MBBC?

Everything you need to profitably pivot into coaching women entrepreneurs (no matter where you’re starting from right now).

You get my complete signature system of done-for-you, business coaching content modules you can brand as your own.

Plus you get my courageous coach training, your very own private coach, sales training, money mindset, online marketing training, coaching business forms, over 43 done-for-you templates, handouts, checklists, and coaching programs ready to go, and a wealth of vibrant, unstoppable community support to back you up every step of the way as you successfully start coaching women entrepreneurs.

The Money Breakthrough Business Coach™ Certification Training is how you can launch a profitable coaching business and gain high paying clients WITHOUT putting any time into creating coaching content from scratch.

I’m here for you. My Master Coaches are here for you. The vibrant MBBC community is here for you. Orientation is waiting for you.

It takes courage to say YES to your dream, but when you do, the moment is magical.

This is it. This is your moment because 2021 is your year for a fresh start!

GO HERE to book a call with one of my Master Coaches about becoming a Certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach™.

I’m so excited for a truly NEW, new year and all the possibilities ahead for you, as a Money Breakthrough Business Coach™.

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The Profitable Business Coach Method
Your Answer To Quickly Pivoting Into Coaching Women Entrepreneurs Online

2021 is about this...
Setting a money goal? Here’s how...

Free Online Coach Training

You're Going to Discover:

  • Which done-for-you topics you for sure want to include in your coaching packages that women business owners in today’s market LOVE (CHECKLIST included)
  • My simple 3-step PRICING STRATEGY that eases you into the premium coaching model feeling confident, excited and in integrity, even if you’re at the start of your coaching career (Pricing EXAMPLES included)
  • The 'must have' 21 ways to build your audience of IDEAL clients online, so you can work when and where you want, giving you the coaching lifestyle of abundant freedom and flexibility (CHECKLIST included!)


My prediction for you…