2021 is about this…

by Kendall SummerHawk | January 1, 2021 | Coach Training

2021 is about this…

Can you feel it?

2021 is the year of women’s financial empowerment.

The word empowerment means, ‘The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.’

It starts with looking forward and visioning what you want, and where I always start is with your number.

How much money do you want to make?

This isn’t your ‘I just need XYZ to get by’ number, but like ‘I am claiming my rights’ type of money.

A number that gives you plenty of cushion every month.

A number that causes you to make exciting new decisions like, “What do I DO with that kind of money in my bank account?”

A number you savor as it becomes your new normal.

Whatever your number is, we know it’s the catalyst for you becoming empowered.

This is you creating your own economy, with the ability to create money any time you want.

This is you claiming your right to earn money and build wealth and feel badass about yourself in the process.

This is what 2021 is all about – you taking charge of your money and your future.

Your how to? Get yourself into the arena of coaching women entrepreneurs.

All you need is the decision that you want to be making serious income, and a money-making coaching offer that at a minimum, you’re charging $3,000 for ($5k+ is even better).    

What your offer delivers is a stellar signature program that checks all the boxes every women entrepreneur wants: a fresh money mindset, your coaching to help her create her own money making offer, and coaching on supporting her to charge what she’s worth.

Financial empowerment is YOU getting paid richly to do the work you love.

You start, you grow, you elevate…it’s a process that leads to 2021 being your 6-figure year as a coach, then into multi 6-figures from there as you scale up.

I’ve got everything you need inside of the Money Breakthrough Business Coach Certification training.

You won’t find any other coach training that brings together every element you need, and teaches you how to start successfully coaching women entrepreneurs, and in the simplest way imaginable.

We’re ready to make it happen for you.

Because this isn’t just a new year, it’s the moment you claim your financial empowerment!

Happy new YOU in 2021!

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2021 is about this…