Coaches, can we talk about this?

by Kendall SummerHawk | July 2, 2021 | Coach Training

Coaches, can we talk about this?

Can we talk about creating money independence here for a moment?

Because the ability we have as women today, to create our OWN money, and to literally experience no ceiling on what we make, is something I’m so incredibly thankful for.

It’s also a revolutionary act.

The women before us didn’t have this, and had to make many difficult decisions just to survive.

Like staying in bad relationships, or living in undesirable neighborhoods, or putting up with horrible bosses because they needed that money coming in.

Money independence can mean something different for each of us.

But at its core it means FREEDOM.

The freedom to choose who is in your life.

To choose what your life looks like.

To choose the resources you have available to you.

To choose the opportunities you and the people you love get to experience.

To choose to indulge in self care that soon becomes your new normal.

To get the best food, services, lifestyle…all the good things.

But maybe where you are right now isn’t that…

Maybe where you are right now is wishing you had that.

So let me get transparent with you here and share that I am a self-made multi millionaire, all from being a Business Coach for women entrepreneurs.

I chose an incredible niche, fully stepped into the high ticket coaching model, did tons of my own internal money work, and created a life I couldn’t have dreamed of back when I was a waitress, scrambling for tips and dodging horrible bosses.

What does money independence look like for you?

What changes in your lifestyle would you like to experience?

Are you willing to do your own personal money work to achieve that independence?

If yes, hit reply and tell me about YOU and what you want.

Or even better, head over to CertifiedCoach.Training and let me show you how to become a Business Coach for women entrepreneurs.

It’s more than a niche – it’s your money freedom!


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Coaches, can we talk about this?