My #1 secret to being brave in your coaching

by Kendall SummerHawk | May 20, 2022 | Coach Training

My #1 secret to being brave in your coaching

Here’s the backstory…

In the early days of my coaching business working with women entrepreneurs, I used to end each coaching session feeling like I could have ‘done better’.

Maybe I talked too much?

Maybe I was too pushy? Or was too direct?

Or maybe I was holding back?

But one day I said “hold on!”

And instead of continuing to feel that way, I realized 2 critical mindsets that turned out to be life changing:

Mindset #1: If I was holding back in my coaching, then I was holding my clients back.

Mindset #2: If I was holding my clients back, then I was holding myself back from making money, signing on high ticket clients and exponentially growing my business.

Because you can’t feel UNamazing as a coach AND simultaneously feel empowered to charge premium fees and deliver premium coaching.

I know you’re like me, Firestarter.

You want to create life-changing transformation through coaching – it’s why you’re here, and it’s what I love about you.

So the way you can be badass in your coaching is to get over your fears, get over yourself and be bold in your questioning of your clients.

Be willing to say what needs to be said.

Be willing to ask the tough questions.

Be willing to trust your intuition.

It’s challenging.

I know.

I also know you’re capable of coaching from your highest self, fierce love and all.


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My #1 secret to being brave in your coaching