Why You Don’t Need Prior Business Experience To Coach Women Entrepreneurs

by Kendall SummerHawk | July 29, 2022 | Coach Training

Why You Don’t Need Prior Business Experience To Coach Women Entrepreneurs

Listen up, Firestarter.

Coaching women entrepreneurs isn’t about your prior business experience. 

It’s about your client.

She is going to bring challenges, ideas, goals and uncertainties to your sessions together.

And your responsibility isn’t to reach into your magical business hat and pull out the perfect solution.

Your responsibility is to…

ask questions that go below the surface and illuminate a breakthrough, new way of looking at the problem.

…open a door of possibility that “unhooks” her from her story and reveals a future she couldn’t have seen for herself.

…hold her as powerful with unwavering belief and coach her back into that place of power when she falters.

THAT is the beauty of coaching women entrepreneurs.

So no, you don’t need prior business experience.

You just need you!



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Why You Don’t Need Prior Business Experience To Coach Women Entrepreneurs