Old school coaching has this wrong. Here’s why…

by Kendall SummerHawk | August 5, 2022 | Coach Training

Old school coaching has this wrong. Here’s why…

If you’re following old school coaching, then you’ve been told to ask your client what she wants to coach on.

Because it’s her agenda, right?

Nope. Absolutely wrong!

Your woman entrepreneur client doesn’t know what she needs to coach on – that’s what she’s coming to you for.

What she wants is a coach who takes a leadership role.

A coach who already has a game plan for her.

A coach who will guide her through a proven pathway of steps that create breakthroughs and transformation every time.

That, my beautiful Firestarter, is the key to masterfully coaching women entrepreneurs.

And if you don’t have a pathway of steps, and you instead rely on your clients to direct the coaching?

Then you’re in danger of starting your sessions with, “I don’t know what to coach on today”.

Ouch, right?

Hearing that is an early warning sign that your client is already in the process of disengaging from coaching with you.

And what soon follows are payment problems, no shows and non-renewals.

If you want to be successful coaching women entrepreneurs then you want to ignore the old school and take charge of your coaching!


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Old school coaching has this wrong. Here’s why…