Yes, you can coach women who have ‘more’

by Kendall SummerHawk | August 19, 2022 | Coach Training

Yes, you can coach women who have ‘more’

If you’re trained & certified, then you ARE qualified to coach someone who has more money, success, celebrity or education than you.

It’s that simple!

For example, I was once at an event sitting with a successful, multi 7 figure woman entrepreneur, married to a very famous sports husband.

She wanted coaching on creating new consulting packages & she was making it too complicated.

I could have let her brilliance intimidate me…

But instead, I took her off that pedestal, really connected with her, listened intently & asked epically powerful coaching questions.

At one moment, I asked her with heart & meaning, “What is most important to you about the service packages you create?”


Her tears came, and crying, she told me she needed time freedom because her husband was slipping rapidly into Alzheimer’s.

And just like that, it didn’t matter how much money, success, celebrity or education she had…

I knew exactly how to stand in my power and coach like a rockstar.

Because I had the Courageous Coaching® Method + core business principles that every woman entrepreneur, at every level, benefit from being coached on.

That’s how it works when you let YOU and your coaching skills shine through!


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Yes, you can coach women who have ‘more’