Making money is part of your spiritual path for this reason…

by Kendall SummerHawk | October 23, 2020 | Coach Training

Making money is part of your spiritual path for this reason…

If you’ve ever felt there is a rift between making money and being spiritual, this article is especially for you…

The definition of being spiritual is YOU growing into your highest and fullest potential.

And that includes rooting out and releasing mindset blocks, facing our fears, finding our courage as we encounter challenges, and trying new things.

And making money?

It’s the same thing!

Making money serves as the perfect catalyst for you to grow into your highest and fullest potential…and live an amazing life at the same time.

Think of it as not either/or…It’s YES/AND.

It’s you achieving your highest potential AND making money.

I often hear coaches say, “I’m not in it for the money” or “It’s not about the money” and if that’s you, I want you to turn it around and think of it this way:

Making money means opening the door to your relationship with money, and to use what you find on the other side as a catalyst for elevating into the next, highest version of YOU.

To support you, here are 9 money beliefs you can use today to successfully integrate your spiritual path with meeting your financial goals in your coaching business:

1. The more money I make, the more lives I am touching


2. The more I charge the more the people I coach will do the work to get the transformation and results they truly desire.


3. The more money I make the more resources I have available to me to be a difference maker, and to do good in the world.


Money is a powerful resource, and so is your confidence, self-worth, leadership and your voice that you gain in the process of making it.


4. Making a lot of money is an essential part of my spiritual path.


Be willing to open the door to releasing and healing emotional drama because it’s so not about the money, it’s all about worthiness and love. You can hold space inside of you for fear, doubt, scarcity and self-criticism, OR you can use that space in your heart for love, abundance, self-expression, passion and courage.


5. The more money I make the more I break free of old conditioning, negative thinking that does not represent my true, authentic feminine leadership


6. The more money I make the more of a leader and role model I become


7. Every dollar (euro or pound) I bring in represents someone’s dreams and their desire to create a transformation that I can help them achieve


8. Making a lot of money makes me a role model for other women and young girls


9. The more money I make the more I can put it to use in ways that align with my most important values



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Making money is part of your spiritual path for this reason…