Making coaching sales the feminine way

by Kendall SummerHawk | October 30, 2020 | Coach Training

Making coaching sales the feminine way

You know those hard-sell tactics so many of the guys teach coaches?

Dumb stuff like, ‘press on their pain points until it hurts’.

They’re wrong.

Don’t do it (you probably weren’t anyway).

I created a strategy for making sales that I’ve been successfully using for years, that fully aligns with the values we coaches cherish.

I call it ‘Aspirational Marketing’ and the results of using it are clients practically selling themselves on coaching with you, so that you never feel pushy or salesy.

Aspirational marketing is how you capture attention faster, feel authentic, and always come from your highest and best self.

What Is Aspirational Marketing?

Traditional marketing teaches, ‘find a problem, agitate, then solve’.

No doubt, it does work, but it’s heavily masculine and it’s so obvious, your women clients see it coming a mile down the road and they duck and run.

But the real negative I discovered in using that traditional approach?

You end up attracting people who tend to stay stuck in problems, compared to attracting clients who want to elevate and up-level.

Here’s how Aspirational Marketing works:

Aspirational Marketing doesn’t ignore problems – it flips the sequence around so that you lead with what people want to achieve.

Only then do you find out where they’re at right now.

Leading with what they aspire to achieve first makes crystal clear the gap between those two points: what they want, and where they are now.

And that’s where you come in!

Coaching with you is how they’ll close the gap between their ‘Before’ and their ‘After’.

Make sense?

Gap marketing has been around forever – but what makes Aspirational Marketing so effective and a natural fit for coaches, is leading with what a prospective client aspires to be/do/have.

Then the gap is obvious to everyone, and your potential client naturally starts asking how you can help them get what they want.

Aspirational Marketing Is A Strategy That Solves The ‘How Do I Find The Clients Who Can Afford Me?’ Problem

You’ll increase the number of new clients signing on to coach with you.

Your marketing will feel more authentic because you get to lead with positivity and vision.

You’ll capture attention of clients who are achievement oriented (not clients who are stuck in problems).

You’ll capture attention of clients who are so done with their current results and reality, and are ready for transformation.

You’ll capture attention of clients who value and want to grow, up level, and move forward so energetically they are the perfect match for you.

Clients will practically enroll themselves in your sales conversation because they see the gap so clearly and are motivated to hire you to help them elevate and close that gap.


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Making coaching sales the feminine way