Why Women Actually Feel Scarcity

by | Sep 9, 2022 | Coach Training

In Certification, we don’t prescribe to the coaching industry’s obsession with being in a constant state of positivity and abundance.

Instead of focusing on NOT experiencing scarcity mindset, we show you how to coach ON it.

So that your client can step back into her power and make decisions that move her forward with your coaching.

Because here’s the thing about scarcity…

It isn’t about having or not having money.

Women feel scarcity because they believe that they’re at the whim of outside circumstances.

For example…

“The economy is difficult, therefore I am not safe”

“I signed up a client last month but not this month, therefore I am not safe”

Those may sound like valid, legitimate situations where feeling scarcity is warranted …
but they’re not.

This is such a huge insight for you, because it means your coaching client doesn’t need her circumstances to change in order for her to stop feeling scarcity.

You can easily and confidently coach her on what she’s feeling and how to step back into her power and make decisions that move her forward!


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Why Women Actually Feel Scarcity