Becoming Profitable Doesn’t Happen By Accident. It Happens By Decision.

by Kendall SummerHawk | September 2, 2022 | Coach Training

Becoming Profitable Doesn’t Happen By Accident. It Happens By Decision.

There is ONE moment in my 22 years of running a coaching business that I’ll never forget…

It was in the early days and I was so tired of feeling stuck. Of experiencing the same money scramble every month.

So in that moment of hitting a wall for the bazillionth time, I decided no more – and I made a decision that catapulted me OVER the wall.

The decision to change my expectations.

The decision to experience more, better, different, easier, joyful.

I saw everything through a new lens, and in that process, I up-shifted my quality of clients, my fees, and my offers.

I chose specific, key areas to master in my business (speaking, writing, coaching like a badass).

I came out of the closet about my relationship with money – sweating bullets as I did it! – and went public with how much I totally adore talking about money and coaching women on how to make and keep it.

And you know what happened?

That first year of elevating what I expected, I 5x my income into the multi 6 figure mark.

And the next year made 7 figures.

Because here’s the thing about being profitable as a coach for women entrepreneurs… It doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by decision.

The decision that you’re going to make a profit with every client.

The decision that you’re going to stay above a certain profit percentage.

The decision that you’re going to receive more money than you ‘need’.

It is in making those decisions where you become fully available only for the things that serve YOU.

So let me ask you, Firestarter…

Where are you settling for less-than?

Where can you up level and expect more?


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Becoming Profitable Doesn’t Happen By Accident. It Happens By Decision.